Laptop Services

LCD Screen Repair (most makes and models)

If your screen is cracked at all, we can fix it for you. Bring it in and we can have it up and running like normal in 5 working days or less. Starting at.$150.00

Laptop LCD Video Ribbon/Cable Repair (most makes and models)

Does your screen flicker on and off when you move the LCD screen back and forth? Most likely your LCD video ribbon/cable has been pinched in a hinge and is shorting out. Bring it in and we can have fixed up for you. Starting at.$89.00

DC Jack Repair (most makes and models)

Do you have to wiggle your cord to get your laptop to stay on? Do you have to tape your cord into the right position to get it to turn on? Bring it in to us and we will have you running like normal in no time. Starting at.$129.00

Keyboard Replacement (most makes and models)

Did you spill your drink on your laptop while watching the game and playing fantasy sports at the same time? Maybe just went to take a sip and got startled, then spilled some of it on your keyboard and now it doesn't work correctly or at all. Come on in so we can get the make and model of the keyboard. We carry some in stock or we can order the one you need and have it here in as little as five days. Most makes and models.$79.00

Laptop Power Supplies (most makes and models)

Did your dog or cat chew your cord? Was it yanked from the laptop too hard one day? If so, we have you covered. It is hard to carry just about every model of laptop power supply ever made. So we carry universal power supplies that fits most makes and models. Starting at.$39.99

Laptop Batteries (most makes and models)

Can't unplug your laptop because the battery is dead? Does your battery lose power to quickly? We can order you a battery for your laptop and have it here with minimal wait times. Starting at.$49.99

Keyboard Key Installation (most makes and models)

Did your kids play with your computer and remove some keys? Did your cat play hide and seek with a key or two? If so, we got you covered. We carry many keys in stock for replacement. If we do not have it in stock we can order the key and when it arrives, we will call you. It only takes a matter of minutes to replace.$12.50 (each additional key add $9.50)